Sometime around 1966 the 2163rd had a disastrous IG inspection. One of the results of that was that High Garrett lost its detachment status, and everyone was moved on base at Wethersfield.

In about 1968 the "oil derrick" tower at High Garrett was replaced with a much tailer, guyed tower. This was part of the general upgrade of the UK system. Martlesham Heath became an AUTOVON switching center.

Sometime later the system was again "upgraded," and this time the main link was moved to Wethersfield. High Garrett was abandoned.

Today there are no USAF microwave system in the UK, except for the hop from Mildenhall to Lakenheath.

George Birch
Chief of Maintenance & Operations Officer  1965-68

In late 1958 or early 1959, High Garrett was closed and all the TRC equipment was moved to Wethersfield so that they could redo the buildings. While at Wethersfield we were in the same building as the flight simulator. When we moved back to High Garrett we have a TCC7 thru Barkway to High Wycomb 3AFHeadquarters, in addition we had TCC3 back to Wethersfield, one to the 55TH fighter Squadron, one to the 77TH fighter Squadron, than we had TCC3 to Woodbridge for the 79TH Squadron.

Ron Weston
NCOIC High Garrett